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Getting Started

Ready for that step?

To start, we need to have a free initial consultation! 

The purpose of this meeting is for us both to decide if we are a good fit. You'll be able to meet me, ask all of your questions, and get a feel for my counseling style. You'll be asked about what is going on in your life - so I can make sure that I am able to help you.

What do you talk about during an initial consultation?

I usually ask questions like:

  • What's going on in life that has you seeking counseling?

  • Have you had counseling before?

  • Do you have any expectations?

  • What questions do you have?

I also like to talk about fees, insurance, and what you can afford so that we both have clear expectations. I have a full transparency policy when it comes to billing- meaning you know exactly what is going on with no hidden/sudden fees.


How long does it take?

Usually 15-30 minutes.

Where do we meet?

Online or by phone, whatever works best for you.

Sounds like a plan. How do I reach you to set this up?

3 ways:
Fill out this form and I will contact you,

Call 608-504-3600, or
Email me at

Guy Smith Blackstone Therapy

Quote about importance of a good fit goes here.

- Guy Smith

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