Equality & Justice

The times we live in are often called 'unprecedented'. This is certainly true for the way COVID-19 has changed the way many people in the US conducts day-to-day life. But people say these things in response to police brutality against people of color. These times are not without precedent. People of color have been systematically oppressed for more than a century (and far worse before that).  People who say these things have forgotten or ignored the killings that happen every year. These people forget the protests, like the LA riots of '92 or the summer of '67. Racism is not dead, whatever some say. While the laws are on the books, this doesn't change the hearts of people or systems that serve the people.

I am a white, heterosexual cisgender male. I have privilege I did not earn and do not deserve. I do not have the power to change it. I cannot change this world we live in, but I can do my part. I can be an ally, I can correct those who would be bigots, and I can serve those who have been marginalized in my community. I will not be silent when I see oppression and/or injustice. I vow to treat you with the respect you deserve, to honor you as a fellow human with compassion and love. I will make mistakes. I own them. I will learn and grow. It is not your responsibility to teach me -- it is my responsibility to teach myself. 

I hope you will consider me an ally, someone who can be trusted to treat you the way you deserve at all times.

You are important to me.

-Guy Smith

All Hands In