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The corona virus has changed our day-to-day so much! As you might expect, I am not meeting with clients face-to-face. Meet with my clients via video chat online, more information over on the Telehealth page.

When will you return to face-to-face?

Likely not until 2021 and/or we have a vaccine for Covid-19. I've had asthma since I was a child, and am considered in the higher-risk category. While I'd love to be back working with people face-to-face, it is not possible at this time. 

Is teletherapy really a good stand-in for face-to-face?

I think so. I've been working with people all year. My clients say that it is convenient and comfortable.

Can we try it out?

Let us setup a meeting!

Reach out to me in one of 3 ways:

Fill out this form and I will contact you,

Call 608-504-3600, or

Email me at


Covid-19 has changed so much of our lives, but it hasn't taken away our ability to connect - albeit that it's a bit different now - it still works.

- Guy Smith

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