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Approach to Counseling

My counseling style focuses on helping you find a better tomorrow by focusing on what matters, what brings you closer to the best you,  and what makes your life worth living.  I'll help you develop skills like savoring the good moments, give less attention to worry, and leave behind those behaviors that are not getting you where you want to go. 

I use ACT, or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, because it's one on the best counseling theories used in modern psychology. 

Sounds interesting, is it supported by science?

Absolutely. ACT is supported by a wide research base and being used all over the world by organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) and Veteran's Affairs (VA). It is what is called an evidence-based practice. 

Alright, does it work?

For most people, yes! I will not lie to you by saying that it fits every person, every situation 100% of the time. What I can say is that most people see progress. It is my commitment to work with you to make it happen. We will do frequent check-ins to view your progress to ensure we are on the same page.

How does it work?

Good question, but difficult to answer. It really depends on what problems you want to work on and what comes up on the way. In short, we generally work towards being more flexible (mentally), present, and open to what life has to offer. We stop running and start dealing with what shows up. 

Sounds sort of scary.

Understandable. Healing from pain and finding new ways of doing things can be hard. Facing what we have been running away from can be intimidating. But you are not doing it alone. I will be here, by your side, through your journey to becoming the you that you'd like to be.

I have a question not answered here, how can I get a hold of you?

3 ways:
Fill out this form and I will contact you,
Call me at 608-504-3600, or

Email me at

I'm all about helping you get to where you want to go, putting you back in control of your life. I'll teach you how to work through the hard things that show up and seize the day.

- Guy Smith

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