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Affordable Counseling

Here at Blackstone Therapy, we believe that counseling should be affordable and accessible to everyone. We are committed to providing quality, evidence-based care for you and your family.

Do you take insurance?

Yes, I take ForwardHealth (non-HMO) and ForwardHealth Quartz. If you're not sure if you're covered, please call or email, and we'll figure it out together.

I don't have insurance or insurance you take - can you still help me?

Absolutely. Blackstone Therapy provides services on a sliding-fee scale designed to meet your needs.

That's great, but I'm worried about how expensive it is.

Totally understandable. We can discuss any billing concerns you have during a free consultation. You'll know how much therapy will cost up front - no surprises. I'm committed to transparency and honesty in the billing process.

I'm interested, how can I contact you for more information?

3 ways:
Fill out this form and I will contact you,
Call me at 608-504-3600, or

Email me at

I believe in the power of counseling to improve the lives of people.

It is my stance that care needs to be made affordable and accessible to all.

- Guy Smith

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